LSATs, Ice Storms and Deadlines, oh my! Comments (15)

Jessica. December 11, 2013


This weekend many applicants’ plans were derailed as a winter storm closed LSAT test centers in several parts of the country.  We’ve heard from students who had planned to take the LSAT this weekend but are now feeling stuck as application deadlines are approaching. I understand the frustration and concern this has caused many applicants and I want to help.

With this weekend’s situation in mind, the HLS Office of Admissions has decided to allow first-time February LSAT scores for use in the application process this year.  Our application deadline has also been extended to March 1st.

Let me provide you a few tips, if you plan to take advantage of this:

1.  Get all of your items for your application together and submitted on the LSAC website, so that as soon as you are ready to submit, your application is ready to go.

2.  You can submit your application before you receive your score.  Please add a note in the Addenda section that you would like us to wait until we receive your February test score before evaluating your application.

3.  Remember that we are a rolling admissions process, which means that the earlier we receive your application, the faster we can act on it.  So if you are retaking the exam in February but feel comfortable submitting your application now, you should.  Again – just add an addendum that tells us a February test is coming.

In New England, we know how to deal with winter storms…. You take a deep breath, adjust your plans, then sit back and enjoy their beauty.  And at HLS, we use our tunnel system to get around instead of going outside in the cold!  Good luck with upcoming tests, and please reach out if there is anything we can do to help.

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